350-pound marlin’s final leap ends in Clearwater boat

MarlinDarlin Story
By Rick Mayer | TBO.com
Published: August 23, 2013

A group of anglers got a 350-pound surprise when a marlin ended its battle on a fishing line by leaping into their boat.

The billfish came aboard the 62-foot Marlin Darlin off the coast of the Dominican Republic and managed to take down the fisherman who hooked it in the process. Nobody was hurt, however.

The Marlin Darlin calls Clearwater its home port, and it is operated by Bobby Jacobsen, who shot dramatic video of the big fish’s jump and posted it to YouTube.

The marlin was snagged by Wahoo Barfield, of Fort Lauderdale, one of two guests on the boat. According to Jacobsen, a mate usually cuts the leader and releases a caught marlin, which is a threatened species.

That wasn’t possible in this case.

“It happened so fast,” Jacobsen said Friday from the Marlin Darlin as the group finished the three-day trip.

After the huge fish launched bill-first into Barfield and landed, it thrashed on deck, creating a safety concern. The marlin died from injuries in the leap and from being subdued by the crew.


To see the original video visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLHondgBoII

350-Pound Marlin Jumps in Fishing Boat


CLEARWATER, Fla. – Fishermen aboard the Marlin Darlin got quite a surprise Thursday morning when a marlin weighing approximately 350 pounds jumped into their boat off the coast of Dominican Republic.
The Marlin Darlin is a 62-foot Spencer Yachts Sportfish home-ported in Clearwater, Fla., and is owned by Bobby Jacobsen.
Jacobsen was the person shooting video of the fishing expedition when the Marlin jumped into the boat.
The crew of the Marlin Darlin usually releases all marlin caught during their trips back into the ocean, but because this one died of self-sustained injuries, they gave it to local fishermen who were very grateful.
The Marlin Darlin is captained by Eddie Wheeler.


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