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Judge PR Places ChromaGen Lenses on CBS 10

ChromaCBS(FROM CBS 10 WTSP) Dunedin, Florida — Students throughout central Florida who struggle with reading may soon get the help they need for free thanks to new lens technology and a new pilot study in the Tampa Bay area.

Clear Solutions for Reading, a company offering innovative solutions for reading disorders in children and adults, is looking for parents to pre-register their children to participate in a pilot study to be held at Cornerstone Christian Academy in Dunedin, Fla., on May 17. They are seeking students from 3rd to 8th grade.

The pilot study’s purpose is to help students with vision-related reading problems and students who have been diagnosed as dyslexic.

Students who are accepted into the study will receive a free eye exam by a licensed optometrist, a free reading assessment employing the Woodcock Johnson tests, and a free pair of custom ChromaGen eyeglasses that usually retail for $1,000.

ChromaGen eyeglasses and contacts are new, utilize a patented lens technology and have been cleared by the FDA. They provide an improvement for students who are struggling with reading problems that have a negative impact on the learning process.

Besides helping with reading, students wearing ChromaGen glasses have also reported improvements in math and handwriting.

“This could be the most significant intervention a parent can make in their child’s education process,” said Dr. Edward Huggett, co-founder of Clear Solutions for Reading. “Diagnosing and correcting a vision-related reading issue now will be tremendously helpful, as the need to read efficiently increases substantially as a student gets older.”

In order to participate in the pilot study, parents must register and fill out a pre-qualifying survey at SolutionForReadingProblems.com

Once the pre-qualifying survey and registration process are completed, and it is determined the child will benefit from the ChromaGen Lenses, a time will be scheduled for the 1-hour screening, which parents will be invited to observe.

Students selected for the pilot study will also be required to come back for a 15-minute follow up exam on June 14.

Students should receive their free custom ChromaGen eyeglasses approximately 10 days after the screening on May 17.

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