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Judge PR Places Clear Solutions for Reading and Chromagen on NBC

nbc-chromagenKids dealing with reading disorders sought for study in Tampa Bay

Do you have a child who is dealing with a reading disorder?

Researchers are looking for local kids to participate in a pilot study aimed at helping students with vision-related reading problems and students who’ve been diagnosed as dyslexic.

Students who are selected to participate will receive a free eye exam by a licensed optometrist, a free reading assessment using Woodcock Johnson tests and a free pair of custom ChromaGen eyeglasses. For those students who already wear eyeglasses, their prescription will be used in new ChromaGen lenses. Parents will not have to purchase anything or pay any fees for their children to participate in the study.

The ChromaGen company will be applying to the FDA to do a clinical trial in the fall involving their lenses. This pilot study is a precurser to the FDA clinical trial.

The pilot study will be held on May 17 at Cornerstone Christian Academy in Dunedin. Researchers are seeking 3rd to 8th grade students to participate in the study.

In order to participate in the pilot study, parents must register and fill out a pre-qualifying survey at SolutionForReadingProblems.com.

Once the pre-qualifying survey and registration processes are completed and it is determined that the child will benefit from ChromaGen glasses, a time will be scheduled for a 1-hour screening, which parents can be invited to observe.

Students selected for the pilot study will also be required to return for a 15-minute follow-up exam on June 14.

Students should receive their free custom ChromaGen eyeglasses 10 days after the screening on May 17, 2014.

Learn more about ChromaGen lenses: http://www.chromagenpresskit.com/

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