February 19, 2015 Administrator

Tampa pharmacy working to curb painkiller addiction

WCP ImageTAMPA, Fla., – A Tampa-based compounding pharmacy is making strides to combat the dependency of painkiller medications commonly prescribed for major injuries by using compounding technology.

Many pain medications are narcotics that can cause patients to become dependent and possibly abuse the prescribed pills throughout and beyond the intended period of treatment. By working with a patient’s doctor, pharmacists at Westchase Compounding Pharmacysubstitute different medication options for traditional painkillers and create topical pain management specifically designed to the patient’s needs, while helping to eliminate abuse and dependency.

“Using the topical pain creams, along with supplements provided through a compounding pharmacy, assists in creating less dependency issues and provides a more comprehensive approach,” said Dr. Silas Raymond, a pharmacist with Westchase Compounding Pharmacy. “The greatest benefit is that our products aren’t altering the state of mind of the patient who is being treated.”

In addition, allergies also play a part in having to avoid certain pain medications.  Through Westchase Compounding Pharmacy, customers can avoid medications that may cause allergic reactions.  People who are interested in alternative forms of pain medication can reach out directly to the pharmacy.

Westchase Compounding Pharmacy is a Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board(PCAB) accredited pharmacy.