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Tampa website hacked by cyber-jihadists

Tampa website hacked by cyber-jihadists

TREASURE ISLAND, Fla., – A Tampa Bay area drug and alcohol treatment center’s website is back up and running after being hacked by Islamic extremist supporters this weekend.

On Sunday, Footprints Beachside Recovery Center’s website was hacked by a group identified as El Moujahidin. The website, which includes information about substance abuse and rehabilitation, was replaced with a white screen and a message supporting Palestine and other Islamic ideologies.

On The Map Internet Marketing, which hosts Footprintsbeachside.com, was able to mostly resolve the issue Monday, but is continuing to work on a permanent solution.

“We’re working hard to make sure this issue is resolved entirely as soon as possible, so people who need our services will be able to find us online and get the help they need,” said John Templeton, president and founder of Footprints Beachside Recovery Center.

This hacking appears to be by the same group that took down Air France’s website at the end of March. According to past news reports about El Moujahidin, they are a group of hackers out of Algeria.

The term Moujahidin, or Moujahideen, has been used to refer to those who are engaged in jihad. During the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, Moujahideen were known as “holy warriors,” who were already given their last rites.

hacked-by-el-moujahidinFootprints Beachside Recovery Center has notified the FBI.

Footprints Beachside Recovery Center offers a unique, holistic approach that treats the whole individual instead of just the addiction.

Founded in 2008, Footprints Beachside Recovery Center is a drug and alcohol treatment facility located in Pinellas County, Fla. In addition to treating patients from throughout the U.S. and around the world, Footprints provides Florida clinicians with continuing education events and hosts community workshops on addiction related treatment and psychoeducation.



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