December 4, 2015 Administrator

Former Navy SEAL promotes 2nd Amendment, slams Obama, radical Islam

TUCSON, Ariz. – Eli Crane, a former Navy SEAL and founder of Bottle Breacher, is taking a stand against radical Islam and encouraging all law-abiding American citizens to consider arming themselves as allowed by the 2nd Amendment.

Crane, a former member of SEAL Team 3 who deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, says he is highly disappointed in the way the this administration has handled terrorism incidents, including the most recent one conducted Wednesday by radicalized Muslims in San Bernardino.

“I’m thoroughly disappointed in our president for burying his head in the sand and shifting fire towards gun control, instead of addressing the real threat of radical Islam,” Crane said Thursday. “Instead of trying to disarm Americans, we should be encouraging legal gun ownership and for those gun owners to become proficient in self defense, including active shooter scenarios.”

Merely hours after the attacks in California, the president resorted back to his anti-gun rhetoric by pushing for stricter gun control.

“The irony is absolutely striking, and the president is either completely oblivious to the threat of radical Islam, or he’s simply choosing to ignore it in favor of pushing the liberal agenda,” Crane said.

The day before the attacks in San Bernardino, a new study released by George Washington University had academic researchers calling the growing support for radical Islam historically “unprecedented.”Flat Black Clear ®

“Whether we like it or not, radical Islam is here,” Crane said. “This administration won’t even secure our borders, which is why the average American shouldn’t depend on this government for their own self defense.”

According to Crane, getting a concealed weapon permit is only the first step in self defense. Following up with proper training is imperative to being able to defend oneself. Crane believes with the right training, properly armed citizens have a better chance at defending themselves from armed threats like terrorism and other violent crimes.

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