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Hurricane Irma Update: We will reopen for business tomorrow. We apologize to our clients for any inconvenience and for having some radio silence this week. Our team all had power outages at our homes and gas has been scarce, which is why we have avoided being on the roads. Things are beginning to return to normal, but it may be a couple of weeks until we are 100% back to normal operations.
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Hackers wanted: WTVT FOX 13 covers a story about a job opportunity for hackers

SARASOTA, Fla. – Applications are now being accepted for a coding competition hiring event, which is scheduled to take place July 12 at SRQ Cyber Command Center in Sarasota. The competition will be limited to the 40 most qualified applicants. Those chosen will be required to demonstrate an advanced ability to code and develop creative solutions to problems while participating in the event. Of the 40 participants, 10 will advance to the final round of the competition, which will include a personality assessment. The first and second place winners will be offered relocation assistance and employment with CopyStrong, pending a high-level background investigation. Other finalists may be offered paid-internships, as well. Individuals who desire to compete in the Code-A-Thon should be familiar with PHP, HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, API, and be able to creatively think through problems. “While most technology companies would prefer to do business in areas like Palo Alto, being a Sarasota native, I wanted to bring technology to my hometown,” said Erica Bowles, founder of CopyStrong. “As a result, we’re trying to help build a successful high-technology development sector here in Sarasota, Bradenton and the neighboring Tampa Bay area.” Those interested in applying to compete in the Code-A-Thon should be U.S. residents, and view the terms and conditions by visiting: http://srqcybercommand.com/code-a-thon/ ABOUT SRQ Cyber Command Center SRQ Cyber Command Center is the new home to three Sarasota technology businesses. It is made up of Code Indigo, CopyStrong and Cloud Arcane. Code Indigo is an insider threat protection software that works on intranet and middleware applications aimed at serving the healthcare, financial and government sectors. CopyStrong offers intellectual property protection that features unique behavior analytics, combined with recovery functionality to protect against copyright infringement. Cloud Arcane’s work is currently confidential.
Hackers wanted: WTVT FOX 13 covers a story about a job opportunity for hackers
SARASOTA, Fla. – Applications are now being accepted for a...
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